Service | maintenance | support

Service | maintenance | support

Our multimedia overall solution «as a service»

We feel it’s important that you can rely on us even after your purchase. Our experienced service team travels throughout Switzerland and ensures the smooth operation and service of your devices and systems so you can concentrate on what’s important.

We have the right service for each project and can respond flexibly to customer requirements. Since every system will have to be replaced someday despite optimal maintenance, we can also manage product lifecycles and plan with you when the next investments are due.


Service means more than eliminating faults. The range of services we offer support you at various levels to ensure your devices provide maximum performance for many years.

Service management

We have been optimising our workflows and processes for decades with the aim of continuously improving the quality we offer our customers.


Do you need technical support? Whether you would prefer a free help desk, support portal or a 24/7 hotline, we try to handle your issue quickly and competently.


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