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Modern control rooms are used for monitoring, controlling and managing critical business processes. The control room is the heart of many an institution. Sometimes every second counts, whilst quality and clear communication are always important. We help you to have all relevant information at your fingertips in real time, wherever the most important data is clearly displayed and used: in blue light organisations, in the army, in energy supply, in traffic monitoring, industry, IT or even in your field of activity. We combine ergonomic workstations with innovative, large screen displays in the control room. This means that you can rely on fault-free processes and 24/7 operation. Take advantage of our expertise and experience in the fields of KVM systems, videowalls, language switching and much more. We can offer you customised “control room” solutions to ensure that the control room and adjacent rooms are tailored optimally to your individual requirements.

We specialise in the following applications:

  • Operations centre (police, fire brigade, ambulance, etc.)
  • Command centre (army, air force, navy, IT, etc.)
  • Grid control centre (power plants, public utilities, etc.)
  • Traffic control centre (car, train, plane, transport, etc.)
  • Production control room (chemical, pharmaceutical, production, etc.)
  • IT control centre (Network, Security, Cyber Security, etc.)
  • Control room (press, film | TV, hospital, finance, education etc.)

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Control room

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